slightly more progress

Tuesday, 18 October 2011
Finally have some time to keep working since we're between major projects right now. The calendar is coming along nicely, functionality wise, and now the last bits to be cleared up are adding gear to event components, gear groups, and some customization options.

The code is much cleaner now, but it doesn't quite fit with the object oriented code of the rest of the site. I guess some exceptions wll have to be made for ajax, but it works as a standalone piece. Once I finish it up, I'll work on refactoring it.

After the calendar/log I need to get the gallery and image system working to get the customization where I want it. After that will be a slight redesign and css update for full screen and mobile.

Guestimated timeline: I could probably have the calendar integrated by New Years and the rest depends on the work schedule.

For tri-it-all, I'll look into a ready-made platform like drupal. I definitely want to make that happen, even if it ends up a failure, because "you never know" and if I end up making money on it I win. :-)