More progress

Monday, 24 January 2011
Finally got the basic tables for the galleries and sport logs set up so I can finally get some work done on those. I just remembered that if I want these parts linked together more tightly I'm going to have to work out some kind of system on the post entry page so that these can be linked either with tags or links or something right in the text. I can try to link tags with bbcode and text replacement perhaps....

Anyway, that and realizing I screwed up the navigation building are the only things that have gone on. I should be able to get more progress under way soon and possibly get some initial work done on my new project concept I'm envisioning setting it up as a product/race review site with links to shopping for products, some basic price comparisons and eventually set it up similar to other triathlon communities like beginner triathlete and trifuel. I may even make a run at actually running the site as a commercial endevour. We'll see.

More news as it comes